OpenAI picks out the best meeting time for a group

Hi everyone, I am currently working on a mentor/mentee program app. Since there will be meetings among them, I asks the Mentee to pick out the available time through Time&Date picker and record it in a table “Group 1 Time submission”. I want to integrate OpenAI to help Mentor picking out the best time amongst those answers. They will type in “show me the best meeting time” and OpenAI will have the answers for them

I am a bit confused about if we should integrate it as “Answer question” or “Answer questions about a table”. I tried the later one but the Results component didn’t allow me to choose the time submission from the Source table (Group 1 Time submission). I was thinking whether I have to collect the answers from source table and manually add them into the User profile table would work or not.

Anyway, is there a way for me to set up OpenAI to answer the questions from the column (recored from a form) of a certain table without having to manually relocate them?

Thank you everyone for your help!!! :smiling_face:

“Answer questions about a table” should not be used here. It grabs the top-x most related rows from the data source you specify and try to answer the question, so it won’t consider everything. It’s more built for knowledge retrieval, rather than what I may call data aggregation, in my opinion.

You should build a prompt that references all available times for your group (using a relation + joined list column), and use the OpenAI integration to answer the question about picking the best meeting time.

I don’t know if this classifies as an arithmetic question to the model. You might not have really good answers if that’s the case, and would need more advanced prompts. After testing, if you find that to be the case, please comment here and we’ll try to help.


Thank you so much for your suggestion, might have to try again later since I’m having problems with the limits from API key. Will get back once it’s sorted out and see how I can apply OpenAI in.

Thank you ~~

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