OPENAI - Answer question about a table - search multiple tables?


I have set up a chat with OPENAI which answers questions about a table but I would also like to be able to get OPENAI to also answer questions from 2 other separate tables so the user can ask any question from our website in 1 chat form instead of us having to set up a new chat for it to search each table.

The only way I can think about doing this, is if I could figure out how to display the data I want OPENAI to search from all 3 tables and show that data again in 1 new table and then get it to search that table instead.

Any ideas for how I could do this?

I think one way is to construct a way to join the data together in one table, but if you have 3 different structures then it’s quite hard to do so.

You can join the info you want OpenAI to know with a JSON/CSV format and feed it into your prompt, but it will take away a lot of the token quota.