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Hi everyone,
I use the Open AI integration in my app and I have a problem with the « Ask a question about table ».
I use a text entry component for the prompt and a button to generate the answer.
The function works great on my computer, when I test the question, I have a answer. Wonderful!
BUT, when I try on my phone, the button doesn’t work and I don’t have the answer. It’s so weird…
Maybe someone have the same problem…
Thanks for your help,

I would like to show you my problem with screen shot :

To my computer, that is works : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

This is the screen shot of my Action :

But, on my phone, it doesn’t works… :pensive:

@DJP, maybe you have an answer about this problem?

Thanks for your help,

Have a nice day


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Hey, Laurent! You need to make sure the data from the source table is loaded in your published app. This is so that the data can be referenced by the OpenAI integration

The way you can do this is by creating a collection or a screen from data that is not visible to your end users. You can do this with visibility conditions

Let me know if that works!

Hi David!
Thanks for your answer.
For the screen, The data is my user’s table source. It’s correctly loaded in the app because I have the elements of the table.
In my case, I use a filter « email is signed in users » to create a personal navigation in the screen view.
I will try your solution and i tell you if It works…
Thanks a lot,

Does your Users table have Row Owners applied anywhere?

No problem! The key thing is that the table that is being used to answer questions is loaded into the app. Let me know if if adding that table makes the OpenAI integration work in the app

Hi Darren,
It was the case before but I delete the row owners.

I make a collection, with the date “Utilisateurs” (Users) and it doesn’t work in the app. I don’t understand where is the problem… :pensive:

This is the table the action is using to answer questions? You confirmed it it working in the builder?

Yes, this is the same table and I confirm, all it work in the builder normally, I have an answer to my question but not on the phone, in the app. That’s really weird…
I don’t think forget something, I don’t have a row owner or specific column in this table.
I use few relations and 1 query column

Let me DM you, and maybe we can get on a call to debug this

Possibly found root cause for your issue. Fix in progress.


Thanks a lot Jeremy!

Just deployed some fixes - let us know if you still see weird behavior


Hey Jeremy,
Thanks a lot for your message.
It works now in the app and in the builder! :star_struck:
This functionality is AWE-SOME!! :partying_face: I can take information quickly to my students and i can help them.
I’ll keep you informed if i see a weird behavior, no problem.
Thanks for all @Jeremy @DJP ,
See you

Impeccable timing, thanks Jeremy.

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