Prompts for comment/chat asking question of table (open ai)

Hi all,

I want to use the Open AI feature of asking questions of a data table.

However, for now, I want it to be on the rails.

I want to display 4 prompts which people can choose on. Whichever they choose, will then form the text of the question. (This is for my MVP so I need to limit the variation of questions).

I’ve attached screenshots. Can’t get anything to save successfully when I click the button. I have tried using the chat feature instead of buttons, but can’t figure out how to limit the input to 1 of the 4 prompts.


Screenshot 2024-01-11 205656
Screenshot 2024-01-11 205640

What do you mean by “save successfully”?

Your Open AI data isnt added to your Answer Cell?

Yes and the “question” isn’t saving to the question cell.

Questions arent written to your table. You can either manually write the prompt like you are in your example, or you can reference a cell that has your question already stored in a cell.

Got any data in the table youre trying to answer a question on? Are all rows or applicable rows checked? If so, not really sure of the issue

Do you want to track some sort like a log of questions & answers? What should happen on the front end if I click one of the four questions?

Thanks for helping, It should generate a response using the data from the table

So what exactly isn’t working? I imagine each click would trigger a combo action like this:

  • Answer question about a table.
  • Write the answer to a user-specific column.
  • Add a row in a logs table to store that answer if needed.
  • Show the answer to the user.