Chat component / question a table

Hey folks ,

Is there a way to use the chat component to chat with a table rather than a form container/text entry?

Do you mean the “ask question about a table” OpenAI integration?

In that case:

  • Create a prompt (if needed) on the destination table using a template column. Add a column to store the output.

  • Use the on-submit action to feed the prompt and any other info needed to the OpenAI integration. Write the output to the column you have set up.

  • Add a wait condition until the output is not empty.

  • Add a new row in the destination table with the output.

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Yes , Ask A Question about a table.

I would prefer to use the chat component rather than the form container / text entry component if possible.

First image is the current set up and second is the yet to be configuted chat component

I think you might haved moved on from this approach, but it’s worth noting that “Ask question about a table” will try to extract the top x-most relevant rows from the specified source to answer your question, and not the “full source”.