OpenAI Integration: Ask a Question about a Table action

Hello, Glide community! My name is DJP, and I am a product manager at Glide. The product team is looking to better understand how you are using AI in your apps today, so we can continue adding more AI-powered features

In particular, I wanted to ask how you have used the Ask a question about a table action in your apps. (There is a Loom video below if you have not used this action before.)

Questions for you

  • If you’re currently using the action, what is your use case? How well has it worked for them?
  • If you’re not using the action, how do you imagine you might use it?
  • Any feedback on the action?

Video on how it can be used: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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It works well on a small table, but with more than 3k rows of data it is not, especially when adding more filters like date, state, categories.

Gotcha. What were you trying to use the action for?

I am trying to use it in a job listing or in a real state property

I see, and you have over 3,00 listings?

For a Job listing, data per day is about 20k, the Real state is not that big. Any suggestion?

Im planing to use in Real estate catalog and in beauty service catalog for convert speech to text and search catalog and to show results instead of many filters. I had test on small tables works well. Just missing actions after Voice recorder colmpeled.
Great feature Ask a Question about a Table action!

Filters are the conditions inside a question. Either way like to put or add choices to construct a template for a question to be answered perfectly, maybe on nested actions based on keywords from the question. This works handily on a small table, but in my case it doesn’t.

same here. With up to 500 rows the results were pretty good, could even ask about product SKUs and were getting precise answers. When I increased the data to 1700 rows the replies started getting messy.
Use case: Ask for recommendation on wines dataset.

Hi, I implemented this feature some months ago as a test and the results where really off. I checked back now and it doesnt seem to work better - even though chatgpt has improved. I would really love this feature, as I need a way to allow the user to make complex queries without creating a screen full of filter options. Our case is regenerative agriculture, where we want to use different observations and crop successions (instead of pesticides). This makes planning complex - so the AI feature would Really help!

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