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It would be SUPER AWESOME to be able to edit an action in one browser tab while configuring tables in another. Is there any way to do that now? And if not, is this something that can be created?

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Because I like to be able to run tests, see instant results, and make changes without having to bounce back and forth between the Actions and Data screens.

You mean, having more access than one per time, right?

I agree.

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Are you familiar with the peek-a-boo data tab? In the layout and actions editors, you can see what row or table is currently active.

Tip: If you want to change the content of the peek-a-book data tab in the action editor, select a tab or collection in the layout editor first, then head to the action editor.

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Can two users on one team edit the same app at the same time?
We’ve found it logs you out of the app if we try.

Or we get a message to the effect of “The app is already open in another browser tab.”

I usually try to make sure the builder for a given app is open only once. It’s true it would be practical in some cases to have the builder open twice.


Yes… like in Google Sheets… you would get the Avatar of the person on the editor with you… or you can have two or more editors open at the same time for the same app. When doing a complicated app, having a view of the other parts is beneficial, but I don’t think that is possible for Glide editor, which has a JS there.

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I wondered what that was for. I’ll try using it and see if that scratches this itch - though I suspect I’ll still want to be able to work on an app with two browser tabs open.

The peek-a-boo data tab is very useful.

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One workaround that I use is to make a duplicate of the App and use that as a reference.
It’ll soon be out of date, but it’s trivial to delete it and create a new one.
When I’m making large changes to a complex App, I find myself doing this on an almost a daily basis.


Ah yes! Excellent. Thank you!

(Still leaving this open as a feature request :wink:)

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