Occasionally pop up window "This app was opened in another tab If you'd like to continue editing it, please reopen it from your dashboard."

I’m having this popped up recently, should I be worried? I’m not sharing my account to anyone.


Hey !

No, I’m not sure that this is a bug. This happens to me quite often. You may have opened the app in different browsers at the same time. Nothing serious here, so no need to be worried.

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J’ai le même problème récurrent et cela m’empêche de travailler. Comment résoudre ce problème ?

Êtes-vous confronté à ce problème très fréquemment ? Est-ce que vous et vos collègues ouvrez la même application au même moment ?

While I agree that, no, one should not be worried if they see such a message, that actually does seem to be a bug, as it seems to be happening on multiple occasions when I only have 1 browser with 1 tab open. I understand the reasoning behind this when it works correctly (preventing data conflicts that are inherent with multiple instances writing to the same portion of the database), but there seems to be something happening in the background (browser side, ISP/hardware side, or server side) that seems to be triggering false detection of multiple instances. This means that, when this happens, some users may not be able to edit their app because they don’t actually have Glide open anywhere else. A workaround may be needing to close the browser completely & opening Glide again to start over (hopefully not losing any data in the process).

I can confirm this did happen to me intermittently in the past year.

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Same here. Sometimes it is true when I have too many tabs open, but more often it is not.


Oui, cela se produit très fréquemment alors que je suis seul à travailler sur l’application

C’est bizarre, nous le voyons aussi par intermittence. Pas sûr qu’il y ait un correctif en route.

this is unbelievable today… app editor keeps logging of for our main big app