Glide open in another tab error pop-up?

I keep getting a pop-up error that I have Glide open in another tab even when I don’t. For example, I just sat down to work on Glide and the very first time I clicked on my app to open it and work on it, I got the pop-up error. I literally didn’t even have any other internet windows or tabs open because I had just sat down to work. Is this a known bug?

Do you have any other users in your team?

Yes, just one though. I’m the one that does most the work, and it was happening to me while I was doing work on the app this weekend. I guess she might have been in there working on it, but it’s usually mostly me. If we both work remotely and she opened the admin dashboard of the app from her computer, would that cause the error to pop for me?

Yes, that would cause an error. Only one of you can open the builder environment at the same time.