Edit 2 apps in Chrome at the same time

Hello everyone, one question. How do I see two different apps in glide in the Chrome browser at the same time?

Open two tabs


I have an old MacBook pro with high sierra, but when I open Glide, it only allows me to open an app, when trying to open an app in another tab, it lets me do it, but when I return to the original it synchronizes me with the same app

For your information Juan, when I edit two apps in two tabs in Chrome and then reload both Glide editors, each app is still open in its own tab. I don’t see any syncing across tabs like you do.

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Can you attach a video of what you’re seeing?

What I do is enter the platform and select start session, choose my google account and it opens a new tab with the glide interface, where I choose the app I want to edit. From there, how do I open two tabs with different apps ?, because the Cmd key does not work for me to open in another tab. I hope they guide me when I am on the platform.

I’m having difficulty understanding what your challenge is.
You can have the Glide builder open in as many tabs/browsers as you want, and as long as no two of them have the same app open at the same time, everything should work fine.

If you’re experiencing something else, then I think we need to see a video to better understand your challenge, as @ThinhDinh mentioned.

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Hi, they told me to create two tabs, but I started from within the glide platform and could not, what I did was log in twice, I think there was a misunderstanding with the language, but thank you all for your valuable collaboration

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You can always use your own language to explain what you need. Folks here have great tools to translate your question.


Buenas a todos, Dificultad para abrir 3 pestañas en Chrome con macos high Sierra
espero que el vĂ­deo hable por sĂ­ sĂłlo. Muchas Gracias de antemano por la ayuda que me puedan brindar, y decirme de paso si lo estoy haciendo mal, y si hay otra opciĂłn.

Buenas, parece que el enlace no me funciona, lo estoy colocando en el hipervĂ­nculo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OhkwBRDtM8_4CUaKTUSoCx-PeeQSFO8l/view?usp=sharing espero que funcione.

Abre el browser en incognito.

Lo abrí, y me pide que habilite las Cookies de Glide, como está en modo incógnito no deja abrir glide

El mensaje que saca cuando trato de ingresar con la cuenta de Google es:
" Cookies not enabled

Your browser is currently blocking 3rd party cookies. Please enable 3rd party cookies for Glide to continue.", luego hay un botón “OK” y nada más.

Buenas, habilité los Cookies en modo incógnito, y el comportamiento de Glide es el mismo que presenta en el video.

Buenas, amplié la ventana del navegador, y realicé el mismo ejercicio, pero cuando voy a abrir la segunda sesión, me sale un mensaje indicándome que si quiere abrir Glide en otra pestaña, se cerrará la otra.

Tengo ésta versión del navegador, y es la última. Chrome está actualizado

VersiĂłn 96.0.4664.55 (Build oficial) (x86_64)

Your video shows that you have a lot of browser extensions running. Are you sure that none of those extensions are interfering with your cookies or browser cache? Can you try to disable your extensions and see if that makes a difference?


Hello, I deactivated all the extensions that the browser has, and the behavior remains the same, if I open a second tab with another app, the first one closes (having a different app than the one presented by the first tab)

I’m not sure what could be the problem. My guess is that some setting or something else is causing a cookie or cache to be overwritten or wiped out.

My only suggestion would be to try it on another computer, and if it works, try to figure out what may be different between your browser settings on your computer compared to the other computer.