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We are working as a team on an application. We quite often got this message of " This app is open in another tab" and we thought that another team member is working on the app. However, if it is the case, it is quite troublesome for team working together. Does Glide allow only one person to work on an app at a time? If not how do we avoid getting this message of " This app is open in another tab". Sometimes it went back to the dashboard during the middle of changing apps.

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Yes, that’s one of the limitations of Glide Teams - only one user can have the same app open in the builder at any one time. So it’s not true collaboration in the sense that you get with Google Docs, for example.

I’m afraid there is no way around this. If you have multiple team members that work on the same app, then it takes a bit of co-ordination to avoid people getting in each others way.

I think the purpose of Glide Teams is more about sharing multiple apps across team members, rather than allowing multiple team members to work simultaneously on the same app.

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Thx for your information. As you pointed out that it is a limitation and hopefully Glide will do something on this in near future.

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In any code-sharing program, while one person is modifying a program it is “checked out”, and not available except in read-only mode. Perhaps Glide simply needs to make this more clear in their documentation. Imagine me changing an “if” while you are changing an “else” on the same object. “It’s not a bug; it’s a feature!”

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