Glide apps 2.0 Team Collaboration with unlimited collaborators?

I read in this article that “Team Collaboration: We’ve added collaboration features for teams using Glide, so everyone can build apps together. The best part is, you can add as many collaborators to your team as you want, for free.”

How does this work exactly?

Can we add an unlimited number of team members into a team?

Is there a difference for the personal and (company) team folder?

Do we get billed per person and what is the limit?

On your dashboard, you can add Teams and invite as many people as you want to those teams. Those people will have full access to edit apps in the team they’re in.

This is unrelated to your billing, which is per-app.


In practice, I’ve found this somewhat cumbersome. The problem is that only one team member can work on any given app (or even have it open in the builder) at any given time. So it’s not true collaboration in the sense that you get with Google Docs, for example. But it’s still useful for keeping apps organised and segregated.


Thank you!

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