Is collaboration possible within one app

I would like to know if two (or more people) can work on one app all at the same time?

from my experience, no… it always says that your app was open in another window… which is good, so others will not override the changes you are making… if you need multiple users working on the App at the same time… use Zoom and share the screen, so everybody is aware of what is going on.

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Yeah, i would think it’d be really difficult to all work on one app, when everyone is taking different actions, can’t see how that would work. Unless of course they each work on a separate aspect of the app, for example they each build a different tab for the app.
No harm in dreaming though!

i have seen that Glide is working on copy elements and actions to a different App… so it might be possible in the future that all team members can work on a copy of the app and, when is time… they can replace elements by simply copy and paste… but still… it will be a danger of the other elements using functionalities that replacement element is not considering that…
That would be something to drop on the knees if Glide can pull this off… Google sheets have this functionality… so is possible

I remember when google sheets created collaboration, it’s quite a complex thing to determine which version takes preference over another, like is it prioritised by time or hierarchy etc etc. Maybe this is way off track for the overall vision for Glide. But i hear you, i’ll drop to my knees as well.
Until then either do it all my self or work on an app in consecutive work shifts with my team.

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