Message when opening app

Hello, my app is ok but when I open Glide, I have the message : this app is open in another tab. Do you want to open the app in this tab instead ?
How can I suppress this message ?
Thank you for help.

Are you opening the Data Editor in another tab?

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The data editor opens in the first tab…
It is the first time I have this message…

This seems to happen when you close a tab without exiting your app and then try to immediately sign in via a new tab. OR you actually are running the app in another tab. You can’t suppress the message - but you can ensure you are exiting the app before you close your window (I always return to the dashboard before closing window). It’s a Glide precaution to ensure you aren’t editing in multiple windows and losing/confusing changes.

Thank you. I didn’t know. I will do so now.

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