Onboarding users

Im creating a simple feed app. As the developer i have an account but when onbaording a new user, the users is seeing my profile page as theirs and when posting onto the feed there post is showing my avatar image. I need help.

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Welcome to the community!

You need to either use row owner or filter the screen by email is signed in user.



I hope this helps.


wow. thank you for the aid. Iā€™m checking this out now. please stand by for questions if you would.

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Feel free to ask questions if you need. There are plenty who are willing to help in this forum :wink:


would you be open to a zoom call to help me? i will pay you.

would you be open to being paid to help me via zoom?
i need to take someone to help me trouble shoot.

You can book a call with our agency at:

Thank you. Times displayed do not work for me.

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perfect thank you!