User information not showing to other users

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My current app allows users to post an item, with all users being able to see said item. In the cards list of all items, I have the posting users Name and Profile photo in the Caption and Avatar overlay, respectively. However, only the user who posted the item is able to see their information in the caption and avatar overlay. Other logged in users don’t see that information. I’ve checked and I don’t believe there’s any privacy restrictions. that would prevent this.

Has anyone run into this issue before? I have photos attached to show how it looks with the user who posted it is viewing it, and another showing how it looks when a user who didn’t post it is viewing it.

Sorry, it was only allowing me to post one photo in the original post.

Do you have Row Owners applied in your User Profiles table?

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That was it, thank you so much! It looks like when I had the posters email address pulled and added to the post, it automatically assigned them as a row owner and caused the issue. I hadn’t used row owners before so I didn’t even think to check there.

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