Row Owner messed up my posts feed

I used the Row Owner function for my Profile list to:

  • make the profile edits user-specific
  • make the posts by the user-visible in their profile (think of it as Instagram)

However, I cannot see the post author in the posts’ feed now, unless the author is myself. The post author is a look-up from Posts to Profiles.

I’ve been following Jack’s tutorial here min 33 - works for him, for me each user I sign in with sees only the posts of the first user in the database.

What did I overlook? Mucho gracias!

Maybe a setting the visibility by signed in user of the component will work better? Unless you are creating the row owner for security purposes as well.

Unfortunately, no.

I’ve been following Jack’s tutorial here min 33 - works for him, for me each user I sign in with sees only the posts of the first user in the database.

ok so you have a certain ‘edit’ button on user profiles that only the user signed in should see for their own profile?

Are you using row owners for security purposes? and how are you displaying the public feed?

Yes, the ‘edit’ button is the one in the top-right corner when you enable it - it should edit only the profile of the signed-in user. But in my case it always edits the profile for the first user in the db.

To resolve it, I tried to use Row Owners - it worked but then it messed up my public feed which I display as a list of items

For now, I neglect the security purposes, so will hapilly drop Row Owners if there’s another solution

Can you share a few screenshots of how you have the user profile screen set up on the front end, which includes the sheet its connected to? Also a screenshot of the sheet on the back end?


Frontend where I use the relation:

The relation in the backend:

The relation’s conditions:

That’s the whole point of row owners, that only the owner of that row can see the information


Ok, I have something like this setup. I think this might help in your case as well, instead of a form button at the top, use a regular button and link it back to the screen, like so:

which when clicked takes to you a screen where the user can edit their details using the pencil button in the top-right… Make sure this screen has a filter set to email address is signed in user

As for the feed, as @Pablo_Miguel_Martine mentioned, with row owners enabled you will only be able to see the posts of the user that’s signed in, so you can disable that.

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There is a trick or two. There can be MORE THAN ONE ROW OWNER in a sheet :slight_smile:
So you can have a template column, for instance, that had your email in it, and this would allow you to see everything (not elegant, but it works).

Something for you to play around with :slight_smile:


As @Pablo_Miguel_Martine mentioned The whole point of row owners is to prevent other users from accessing your information, that includes your name as the author of a post. If you want to display this information publicly, you’re going to need a sheet that has public records. Use this sheet for relations and look ups and not your user profile sheet. You can also avoid relations and look up all together by writing the authors name and image when they go to submit their post.


I think he has row owners on the posts sheet as well.

Thanks, solved!

Thanks, Jen, I solved it :slight_smile:

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