Onboarding - Unique Profile Questions for Diff. User Types

Hi, I am trying to set up my onboarding process for 3 different user_types.
Each user_type will then have slightly different profile questions based on their user_type.
Can I do this all on the same screen? (a form on the same screen).

I know how to create a question, but not make it actionable to trigger the unique profile questions.

I hope this was intelligible enough for others to understand.
Thank you!!!

A way would be to set up 3 different form buttons that are each hidden with conditional visibility. A user would only seen the one button if the user type is matching the correct type. You could also hide the type specific questions in the one form.

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Form buttons?

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Seems like form is the wrong answer for this one. If you’re doing onboarding you already have a row and should not add a new row. Using multiple components on the screen and configure their visibility conditions accordingly would be the way to go.


Thank you! Yes that’s what I thought, but how do I set up that first trigger?
if they’re user type A, the profile questions are XYZ,
if they’re user type B, the profile questions are ABC and
if they’re type C, they get questions PQR?

I know conditional visibility is what I need to use but I don’t know how to do that when it comes to applying it to asking that first user type question.

To do that you first have to let them choose their type.

Then configure all the questions as needed. The visibility conditions would be:

Question X - visible when user’s type is A.

Question P - visible when user’s type is C.

And so on.

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