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Hey Guys,

I’m developing a project that has two types of User profiles: Customers and Business Profiles.

How would I go about creating this? I read though the documentation and says something about user types. The thing is tho, it seems that I would have to enter the user type into the spread sheet myself and also seems nigh impossible to give my sign up form a role type. So I just make a separate profile on the spread sheet for business users?

no… keep all users in one sheet called Users… add the column “type” and specify there. Use that column for filters and relations.


What @uzo said!

I’ll share an example of a recent app I built that does this.

Thanks. I’ll try it.

Okay, so I managed to get two separate users but I guess my only question is how to I design two separate profiles types under the User Profile tab? I should be able to do this.

what do you mean???

  • In the Users table, add a basic text column called UserType.
  • When a row is added, populate the column with customer or business.
  1. either by hand after the add,
  2. or via a choice component or switch (boolean and if-then-else columns) in the add form.

Here is what I mean.


For example, I want to design a different look of user profile a certain way and a business profile a certain but under the user profile tab it only let’s me design one user type

I see you are using Pages for your project… I stay as far as possible from pages…lol, they are way too limited.

You can set visibility conditions on components, based on the user type. This is a great use case for the container component in Pages. Put all user components in one container, and all business components in another container, then put a visibility condition on each container.

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I see. Your saying to stack the the page in separate containers and have them appear to which user type is signed in?

Yes, that is correct.

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