Two separate user tables?

Is it possible to have two separate user tables?

I have individual users (candidates) that I want to create their own individual account.

But I also want a company to have an account to save their favourite candidates, view profiles etc.

Basically a job board. I’ve tried doing one sheet with a ‘roles’ column for candidate and company. But they have such different column requirements I’m getting confused.

Technically no. There is only one user profile table as far as glide is concerned. You would either have to join both user types into one table, or create a hybrid system. You could still have a basic user profile table with RowID, name, email, and image, but then create a separate candidates table and a separate company table. Then you can use relations to link the user profile table and the other two tables together.

Check out @Robert_Petitto’s video to see how he created a private user profile table with a public user table.