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Hi all,

My children are in a band, last year I made an app for them so they are always up to date when they are on tour. I now made it a general app so all bands can use it. Copy and modify!


@erwblo impressive. Great inspiration

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@erwblo, this is great! Thank you so much for this. It would come in handy when my choir goes on tour in the future. In trying to copy the app, I keep getting the “Oh sheet!” message that an error has occurred duplicating the app. I’m not sure why that is the case.

Thanks! I just tried to reload everything, hopefully that does the trick?

@erwblo If there are a lot of empty rows you can get that Oh sheet error. I got the error as well.

I’ll have a look! Shouldnt be the case!

George, this is the sheet, do you see anything strange?

Nothing pops out at me but. You do have all those blank rows that are unnecessary. Like your home tab. I suggest you delete all rows below row 2 since you will only ever use row 2. I would do the same with all other sheets. Glide will add rows as needed if you have add enabled.


Obviously I meant all empty rows on those other sheets.

I just did, does it make a difference?

Nope, I still get the “Oh Sheet” error.


Have you tried removing the App: Login sheet? As this sheet is added / managed by Glide, it could be linked to the issue…