On Duty/Off Duty Functionality

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My team and I are attempting to create a board that logs when our staff goes on duty and off duty. Although we’re having trouble with getting it to keep to just on-duty and off-duty statues when using text or even booleans. When setting it up at first, it shows on duty, we click it again, and then it shows off-duty. After that, nothing else is registered. What are we doing wrong and has someone attempted to do something like this before?

Any help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:


Do you have any screenshot or video to watch your issue?

My first guess, if using a boolean, is that you aren’t accounting for the fact that it can be in one of three states (blank, false, true). It’s best to never explicitly check for false. Only check for true or not true.

Happy to provide some screenshots of my setup currently - still figuring things out.

This is currently what I have set within the spreadsheet although it isn’t functioning on the front-end though even though I have an action connected to it.

Can you provide screenshots on the front end as well?

And what is not ‘fucntioning’ in your case? The if then else looks like it’s set up correctly.


you are using a spreadsheet (GS) to save your duty status and your Status Types column depends on this value from GS, right?

Maybe you are having a synchronization problem when you change the status quickly. When Glide sends a value to GS, it waits 5-8 seconds for any update and if this is carried out several times at a short time you could have a ping-pong effect and see wrong values.

Would you mind creating your logic and test it using a Glide Table instead? A GT is better than a GS in these cases.

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