Oh Sheetsssss!

Dear Community and Support!

Tried using the following to raise a ticket as we have been experiencing breaking of the app several times

Have tried the BOT and the reply is asking me to clear the cache and other means. Done that, there’s still issues.

I manage to take a video since these occurrences are frequent!

Any advise from the support team is highly appreciated. We are using business subscription.


So have you used the video to submit a ticket or not?

Hi @ThinhDinh unlike the last time, there’s no section to submit the ticket. When click on bug support ticket, It shows the chatbot only.

Did I miss out something?

Please try following this and let us know if it works.

Hi thanks for your reply

This is what we see


It looks like the App in question is not inside a Team Folder?
If it’s in a personal folder, you can probably move it into any Team Folder that’s on a Pro Plan or above, and then you’d be able to get support. If it’s currently on a paid plan, you would need to cancel the plan before it can be moved.

Hi @Darren_Murphy Darren,

This the the app’s subscription.

Kindly advise which Team folder are you referring to? The one in Yellow?

I’m guessing that the App in question is in “My Team”?

To get support for it, you would need to move it to the “iChild App” team.

HI Darren

There’s no app under My Team. And the team under My App has the same support level.

This is IChild App

I just realised that I still have access to your Team, and now I see what’s going on. You are clicking in the wrong place. Click the Support link as shown below. After you’ve selected the App, a new page will open and you should see a button on that page to open a ticket.

@Darren_Murphy Awesome!


Thanks for the effort!

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