Offline rows/forms

I have a bunch of clients in the energy sector who need to conduct inspections where there is no connectivity.

The issue I seem to have is that, the inspection takes about 2 hours and has about 30 fields. They cannot do it one go, so they need to do it in pieces and save it.

In offline, once I add the record, I am not able to edit it.

Any suggestions for Glide or do I need to look at different technology ?

I haven’t used offline rows. If you use a custom form instead of a normal form, does that help?

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Try using a custom form, just as @ThinhDinh said.


Thanks. I will try that.

@ThinhDinh @Hirfher

Assuming you mean this for the custom form, that doesn’t work. It seems like once you are offline, the EDIT function no longer responds.

I can add a row. I see the new row in my collections table, but when I try to edit the row, although it is giving me the EDIT option, it doesn’t do anything when selected.

No, that’s a normal form. We meant this.

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ahhh… let me try this.

That worked like a charm… :slight_smile:


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Great to hear :wink:

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