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I have a long form to use for machine service checklist. If you guys have any idea if there is any idea for user to fill up the form offline . Or make it autosave for every 2 minutes. The condition is the workshop is in basement floor. So, the internet connection is a bit weak. but still have connection .Just bit weak.

Isn’t that what offline mode is for? Your user just can’t submit new rows during that time, though.

So , to fill up the form or edit is impossible ?
I mean there’s no way to the data have been stored until internet connection come back great.

This is a situation where a custom form may be a good choice. Because form inputs are written to user specific columns, then as long as your users are signed in then they should be able to return to the form after an internet disruption, and all their previously entered values would be intact.

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Custom form that you meant is on the “New Screen” not a “Form Screen” ? it is ? My form are using many relation . So, i am straightway using edit form to fill up / edit the form .

When it is clicked on the progress , it turn up the summary:

To fill up, click at the edit button:

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Your plan C could be this new trick shown by Robert here: