Timing Out Loses Data

I have created an app for the heating and air business that enables users to capture measurements of a home for the purposes of calculating the proper size system replacement (number of BTUs and corresponding tonnage recommendations).

Depending on how many floors there are in a home, there can be a considerable number of data points and pics to gather. My users are telling me that they have been almost finished entering a new record, have to do something that takes time, or they receive a telephone call, only to find that the data they have entered is gone. They had not had the chance to select the Add button.

Any recommendations on how to prevent this? The users are all using iPhones and the data is all in Google Sheets. Should I break up the number of fields to be entered at any point in time, so that the same record is continually being built as they complete each section?

Thanks for any ideas any of you may have.


Reading your case, you should do this:

  • Your APP’s privacy must be Public with email in order to create and use USC (user-specific column) and hold this data at anytime.
  • If you are using a native form, there is no way to avoid this (no matter the privacy settings) therefore, you have to create/use a custom form.


Thanks Gvalero. I’ll try that.

Is there a setting of some sort in Custom Forms that prevents the time out from happening?

Hola de nuevo,
The problem with native forms is that all default values are empty/zero always, even, you can’t create or use any relation because of it.

Here is a tutorial to create a custom form written by Darren time ago. If he could receive $1 for each time his post is tagged or mentioned, he would surely have a new car!! :sunglasses:



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