Autosave for forms

The forms in my app, and I suspect in many other apps, are long and user entry intensive. My app helps employees manage performance goals so the entry is very, very intensive. Users will be frustrated when they have to abandon the form because of an interruption, etc., and when they return, it’s blank - common user expectation is that forms autosave. If this is straightforward, it would be great to have sooner than later!


Here’s a tiny workaround until that happens.
You will need to first ‘create’ an item.
And then in item details, have an edit button, that points to the same item using ‘link to screen’.
In the following screen, use entry components for all the fields.

Not the most elegant solution, and indeed is poor user experience, it solves the problem until a better solution comes along.

P. S.: @Deena you’ve requested a number of feature requests that I have wanted to request for a long time. I always think I will request them later and then somehow I forget about them. This feature, and the open links in new tabs in Discourse are just 2 of them. :slight_smile: Thank you for requesting these. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I will try this workaround and see if it helps with some of the more critical forms in the meantime!

Thank you, I’m glad you find them valuable requests as well. You can count on me to put the big and small requests in - I just can’t help myself haha :relaxed:

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Yes, I’ve had to tell my users to click “done” to save their progress if they need more time and come back later to edit

An alternative is to use the “text entry” component, this updates instantly

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I have a combination of Choice and Text Entry in almost all of my forms and nothing saves in my experience…Also, I only have a “submit” button and the issue is that in a long form, you’re not going to keep submitting as you’re filling out because it takes you out of the form and then you have to re-enter…Can you please expand on what you mean by “text entry updates instantly”? How have you seen this happen- because in my forms you have to click submit for anything to save…

I’m not using the form with my text entry components, so editing/changes happens instantly to googlesheet

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Ah -okay, makes sense. I’m going to see if that approach makes sense in some places. Thank you!

Hello. Has there been any movement on the ability to save progress in Glide forms? As @Deena stated, form autosaving is a very common user expectation and it would be great to offer via Glide. :wink: Thx

The only way to do this would be to use a Custom Form.

Hey, Darren. When you save this is solved by using a Custom Form, does this workaround require users to sign in to the app (provide an email address)?

I should’ve been more clear that I’m looking for the ability for form respondents to store their answers in their web browser, something behind the scenes without users having to do anything.

I wouldn’t say it’s solved with a Custom Form, it’s just one way you could do it.
And no, it wouldn’t work very well if users are not signed in.

mmm, for that we’d need some sort of local storage option, which Glide doesn’t provide.

OK, thanks Darren. I appreciate the feedback/insight as always.