Offline data rows

Is anyone using the offline data rows feature. It says it allows you add rows to your data source without internet connection.

What exactly does that mean ? and what are the limitations.

I assume you must be on a Business/Enterprise plan to use it?

I don’t use it, but I guess the expected behaviour is the app will still allow adding rows when the user is offline? I’m not sure at which point those rows get synced back to the database though (right at the point it is added or when the user goes online).

Correct it’s a business+ feature.

“right at the point it is added…” not sure what you mean, but if it is offline then it cannot add the row there and then… I know you @ThinhDinh may not be able to answer but questions I had were as follows, I will post them here for benefit of all, before reaching out to support directly

  1. Is it only for NEW rows or can you modify and existing row
  2. Does it look at the timing and when uploaded the backend will process the edits in the same order (i.e like an SQL transaction log)
  3. Linked to number 2 How are race conditions dealt with … if two people are editing the same data, which one persists. (i.e is it time based or the last one to connect)
  4. Is it only available for certain screens (forms, edits, etc…)
  5. if all I am doing is viewing the data how does the USC column work… e.g if I am using the USC as an option to filter data, does that continue to work