Make apps work offline

I know this is probably really expensive technically and infeasible. It would be cool though to store the data (maybe the user requests it) for late in Local Storage or IndexedDB.


It’s feasible and we plan to do this in the coming months.

We expect offline apps to become read-only, so you wouldn’t be able to add items or submit forms or edit. Would this be acceptable for your use cases?


That’s definitely solves the majority of cases. (I was showing a family member who wanted to use Glide to store places for an international trip and not worry about data). I’m curious why append actions are unsafe? Edit is obviously not safe.

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That absolutley solves all problems for me, do you have an estimate for when users could download the app and data to their device? I’m doing a city guide podcast app and would like the users (which are always tourists with variable access to internet) to hear the podcast on the go without having to be online… so download the mp3 locally to hear later… do you think that would be possible in the next 6 months or so?

Would make certain app possible - for example for festivals where poor internet connection is often seen. Like Le Mans race


assume this would be a toggle not global?

i.e. if set to no offline mode, then edit and forms would still be available?

@david is this still on the roadmap and getting close to shipping? I know you got tons of requests :crazy_face:. It will allow me to do an event app which needs to have offline capability as the internet connection is poor in the area.
In this app there is no need for users to input data

We’re close to making this work for public apps. Private apps will take a lot more work.

Fantastic. It suits me fine that it is for public apps

I have a use-case where I’d be posting new data while disconnected and offline. Logging a comment or editing an existing entry or posting a new item through a form would not work under what’s being proposed.

True offline mode is what I would need.

What’s the difference between a public vs. private app?

Private app require some sort of sign in process. Public apps are open to anybody without signing in.

For example, Public vs Public with Email or Whitlist. I don’t know how Password would work though.

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My use case would still want to be able to submit forms. Could the form submission be stored locally and sent when connected it? Thanks.

David, it would be great if we’re able to add items, submit forms, or edit while offline and then have the app sync once internet connection resumes. My choir travels a lot and sometimes to places with poor or no internet connections. Right now, I have an app idea in holding pattern because the service providers, who would be using the app, work in some remote places. So having offline functionality would be great. I can only imagine how quickly you are all working behind the scenes. Please know that we appreciate you and are rooting for your success.

An offline functionality would be very useful. I have made an app for COVID 19 surveillance. It would be good if data can be added or updated in offline mode and synchronised later.

@david In January you thought you were close to delivering off-line functionality for public apps. I suppose you have got other priorities - but can you tell whether you are still working on this functionality - and perhaps when you think you might release such a functionality

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Very keen also on this release :slight_smile: So many good features in the pipeline being developed :slight_smile: Would love to see some of them in the system :slight_smile:

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@david an update would be great. Many thanks

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Any update on this? Even readonly data would be fine by me.


Hello Team, is there an update on this topic? The previously mentioned caps would be incredible useful. Thanks!