Offline function

I saw multiples thread on it but I do not find the updated answer.

There is possibility to use glide without internet? / offline?

One of my client have a training video / audio every week and it’s it possible for the user to use and load data.
Can it be downloaded previously? And use data later, kind of buffer zone?
Thanks for your help

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Hey !

Thanks for sharing your issue with the community. Based on following posts :arrow_down:

It looks like this feature is not available as of now. However based on a few users comments it looks like that this feature is confirmed.

Hope this helps !

This one has the most upvotes already - go here and add your vote! I need this for my app too!!

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@AymenM what do you base your ‘confirmed’ on?
You kind of seem to express views based on Glides position. Are you associated with glide?

Hello @Krivo !

Well, my explanation is based on your post :

And no I’m not associated with Glide, I just try to help everyone the best way I can :slight_smile: