Allow offline copy of data

I know this is probably really expensive technically and infeasible. It would be cool though to store the data (maybe the user requests it) for late in Local Storage or IndexedDB.

It’s feasible and we plan to do this in the coming months.

We expect offline apps to become read-only, so you wouldn’t be able to add items or submit forms or edit. Would this be acceptable for your use cases?


That’s definitely solves the majority of cases. (I was showing a family member who wanted to use Glide to store places for an international trip and not worry about data). I’m curious why append actions are unsafe? Edit is obviously not safe.

That absolutley solves all problems for me, do you have an estimate for when users could download the app and data to their device? I’m doing a city guide podcast app and would like the users (which are always tourists with variable access to internet) to hear the podcast on the go without having to be online… so download the mp3 locally to hear later… do you think that would be possible in the next 6 months or so?

Would make certain app possible - for example for festivals where poor internet connection is often seen. Like Le Mans race

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assume this would be a toggle not global?

i.e. if set to no offline mode, then edit and forms would still be available?