Offline row add

So what is exactly happening when I upgrade to the business version and this is enabled. As in the local data stored on a device versus just the pro plan where there is not off-line data enabled

Data is temporarily stored in cache until the Internet connection is restored and can re-sync with the cloud database.

so without the business plan, data will not be temporarily stored in cache correct?

and that means that unless i upgrade, that any of my apps arent as robust as they should be…?

Without the business plan, you won’t even have the option to add rows if you lose your network connection, so no worrying about if it’s cached or not if you can’t even add a row.

Regardless of plan, you can’t open an app without an Internet connection. That initial opening sync is when the interface and all owned data is initially downloaded. Offline is only useful if the app is already open, the network has dropped, and the existing interface and data is already open and cached.

Also, I would have doubts if cached added rows (while offline) are retained if the app is closed before the network connection has been restored and it has had a chance to sync.

These are first and foremost WEB apps, meaning an Internet connection is critical for functionality. They are nothing more than a web page wrapped in a browser.


Furthermore, let’s assume that the app has been opened and loaded and the user switch is apps. Let’s say the user comes back to the app an hour later, and the Internet connection is unstable, but the interface and everything is loaded. Is that typical or when a user switch is an app for a period of time does it appear to be open but it is not under the business plan?

Depends on the garbage collection of the device. Apps that are open in the background can sometimes be dumped to free up memory for other active apps. If your device allows the app to remain in memory then you may be fine, but I wouldn’t bank on it. I’ve often come back to an app after being away from it for a while and it has restarted on me. Not only Glide PWA’s, but native apps as well.

Offline is a nicety. Not a defacto guarantee.