Offline -> NEW?



But I see that you are on wifi?


No it’s just the image of the editor.
If you switch your wifi off (at least in the editor), you should have this message appearing after a few seconds

It’s finally in production!!!


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Just did a quick test…not my favourite thing…

@mark it could be great if you could force the app to load all assets like images. Say - prepare for offline mode.
But I don’t know whether that would actually be possible. I have seen somewhere that it isn’t possible to download more than 50MB of data on iOS device - but I might be wrong. Ok if you don’t have more than 50 MB of data then it would be ok I guess. I hope Mark will respond


Other than assets like images, not being preloaded, I did notice a small problem. I have some functionality where a choice component changes a user specific value that’s used for hiding and showing different content on the same screen. The choice component visibly changes, but the content visibility doesn’t (assuming that the USC column values aren’t actually updated). I realize this would be considered a data “edit”, which isn’t allowed in offline mode, but I wonder if exceptions could be made for USC columns that eventually resync to the server when the connection is re-established…just like an “add” would. I would think that since it’s a USC specific to only one user, there wouldn’t be any conflicting edits, which I assume is the reason for not allowing edits.


Once we implement that, yes :wink: