Offline Mode issues

Hi Community,

I have an app that our tow truck drivers use. Before they can move a vehicle they need to take images of the vehicle as evidence of pre-existing damage and when they drop off the vehicle they do the same. About 6 images each time.

When the app goes in offline mode, it seems to allow them to take the pictures, but if they try to submit it fails and then they loose all the images, forcing them to start again. This is frustrating for them.

Should the offline mode not handle this ? Or is there a way I can code to assist in handling this ?

The other issues we seem to have is that the PWA is very sensitive to the internet connection, when it says it is offline, other apps continue to work, as the drivers result to whatsapp for sending the information. Have others come across this ?

Yes, although not so much recently.
It used to be really really bad in that the app (and even the builder) would be constantly dropping into offline mode. But, I’ve not noticed it for a while, so I assume that something got tweaked.

I always felt that whatever was being used to detect a network connection seemed to be way too sensitive.


I am having the same issue with an application. I currently have several participants a day message that the application is offline but they have service.
Unfortunately I have yet to have the issue happen on my phone, so it took 3 days of missing vital information to finally trouble shoot.
Is there any idea of how to resolve this?