Which part of an app remains working when offline?

Am I right that only the part of an app remains working (readable) that you have open when you go offline? Or should you be able to adress the whole app?

From what I’ve noticed…media assets will only show if they are already cached. Most, it not all, data should be cached, so you should be able to get to it while offline, regardless if you accessed it before going offline or not. In my experience, I have some navigation based off USC, and changing USC columns is considered an edit, so they stop working when offline, which partially breaks some of my navigation.

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time playing with offline mode, but the biggest issues for me were images that don’t load (which I expect) and USC columns not updating. Otherwise, it seems like I could still navigate around to some deep areas of the app that I haven’t opened prior to going offline.


Yeah, it’s what I thought. It’s a good first step, but nothing to sell to a client yet :wink:


Have you noticed the builder going into “offline mode” sometimes?
I’ve been seeing it happen more often than I would like. I have a very stable high speed wifi connection, so it bugs me. It seems that whatever is used to trigger it is possibly a bit too sensitive.


Can confirm the same behaviour here.

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I guess I haven’t noticed it in the builder, but I also haven’t been in there a whole lot for the past month or so. I wonder if it’s just some temporary network glitches somewhere along the line. Since I’m in the US, I may be closer to some of the servers, so less network to route through???

yeah, seeing that Thinh is also reporting the same behaviour, I’m now wondering if it’s a regional thing.
Might start a background ping to go.glideapps.com and see if there’s any correlation between this and high latency and/or packet loss…

Well, if you want something to compare to:




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$ sudo mtr -c 20 -r go.glideapps.com
Start: 2021-08-21T00:34:13+0800
HOST: MacBook-Pro.local           Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|--                5.0%    20    3.1   3.7   3.0   5.6   0.7
  2.|--              0.0%    20    4.5  19.9   2.9 301.4  66.3
  3.|--               0.0%    20    8.5  13.4   2.8 130.2  28.8
  4.|--               0.0%    20    3.2   6.6   2.9  61.7  13.0
  5.|--              0.0%    20    3.5   4.7   2.8  19.8   3.7
  6.|--             0.0%    20    5.2   3.9   3.2   5.9   0.8

It’s pretty good now…

Maybe you have giant squid poking at the trans-pacific cable. :wink:

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I noticed it slipping into offline. :wave:FL

Hey sensei @Jeff_Hager,

Is this is only applicable on Public Apps?

Also I tried on my private app, and the audio didn’t load if I didn’t open it yet when I was online. But the text was all there, only the audio can’t be played.

Audio can be played, when I already tried opened it before when I was online.

Also, when I closed my App, I can’t open back the app (offline mode) and just keep on buffering/loading and having a black screen.

Is this supposedly be able to open even in offline/airplane mode, as it was already opened before? Or the app (public/private) can’t be open on offline mode? Thanks!


Not sure about the audio part, but it indicates that the media was not cached.