Network is Offline

I have pro app I get message at least 3 to 4 times a day network is offline the upload could not be completed because device is offline anybody have any solution please help


So you’re getting the message when you try to upload something?


Shawn verma

Same for one of my users. Is there a way to fix this?

We show this message when you’re device is off-line, meaning it’s not connected to the Internet. If the phone is not connected to the Internet there’s no way to upload a file.


I sometimes get that message when I AM connected. Of course, the same thing happens in the Adalo Builder. I’m guessing it has to do with my low bandwidth… right?

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I’ve also had users report this same problem.

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Some of my users are reporting the same issue, the APP is showing the Offline message but they have internet connection. Does anyone know how to fix it?



Happening to my users too. They are not offline, but the app says they are.

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Seems like whatever is being used to trigger the message is a bit too sensitive for our liking.


@Mark is that something you’re looking into. Isn’t that great when you’re pitching a new app idea to the management which I’m in the process of doing- and then the app goes offline.

And yes, great internet connectivity here

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We’re working on this. Apologies for the problems.


In my opinion, if you could optionally disable the appearance of the message it would be better. Better still if you could manage the offline; to be clear, we have system variables such as ‘now’, ‘current datetime’, ‘unique id’ … If we also had ‘status’ it would be optimal.


Thought this might help…I have a file upload field and whenever I try and drag and drop a file field on my computer to upload, it will display this message even if I am connected. However if I click on it and select the file on my computer, it will upload properly.



This Comes up very often in my app editor almost every 5 minutes or so. I’m hardwired into the internet with a ethernet. This should not be happening.

Any word on how soon we can get this fixed. I keep losing my edits having to refresh. Its like the system keeps crashing.


One of my client have this issue and he can download images from his computer. I think the connection of client is not linear. It could very nice if it will be possible to turn off or turn on OFFLINE MODE.


This seems to have been resolved. It is happening much less. and when it does it quickly resolves itself. Also when adding or updating columns in the table editor, I notice the system now “Saves” and reloads the page after each edit to better secure the new information

Thanks for the changes.

No its not fixed. I noticed it on my laptop this week. I am connected with more than 800 mbps. My system is fast with plenty of internet and data. This should not be a problem.

Just an FYI to whomever is trying to fix this, i have had the same problems as a user of burnerapp. I get that exact same error constantly and it repeatedly disconnects all of my google and drop box connections. So mant times i have stopped trying to connect them. In that account i have over 6000 entries.

Is it possibly a database loading issue on heavy apps from the glideapp end not the users device?


Is it possible to disable “offline mode”?

On the golf course players can read leaderboard and scorecards from Google drive but not update same through Glide when the mobile connection is low.

I agree. My problem also is that the message in on three lines in French and it is cut