Offline message and connection

It’s not a real bug but increasing the height of the back grey offline message at the top is needed.
See screen. I don’t know how it displays in English or inother language. Here, in French version, last line is cut and it is not readable.

Also, that message only appears when the app is connected but loses connection.
If l am not connected and the app is closed, if l launch it l get a black screen and it never open.This contradicts the message that says: you are not logged in but you can even view the app.

@SantiagoPerez can you take a look? Thanks!

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Could you submit a ticket?

Hi Santiago

Can you handle this?
I am on my phone l went to zendesk but two fields (video and a link findable on my dashboard) are mandatory so l couldn’t finish the request.

You need to record a video (either from your builder or your real app) and upload it somewhere, send them a link to that (maybe you can use Loom).

For the second one, I’m not sure you can do it on mobile. The support link can be taken through your app dashboard.


Maybe the link is the Support link
Go in the 3 dots just over the icon of the application (in the dashboard) and click on “copy link for support”.

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