Observed couple of things on staging

Was setting up something on the staging last night to test the “Offline mode” and whilst doing so observed a couple of things.

a. In Staging, while publishing the app if the app-url has a hyphen separated name then when the app is taking only the first part of the name defined in the box. I noticed it when I scanned the QR code in the phone and opened the app.

eg if my app name is defined as


it took the final name as my.staging.glideapp.io

Not sure if it was a temporary glitch but when I went back and renamed it worked fine

b. For the tile option in the Inline list, I now notice that there is a circular display option along with the other square/rectangle we already had. This will be awesome for displaying user/student page and it def has quite other uses to being something other than 4 sided image.

Looking forward to seeing this in production soon :slight_smile:

c. The Auto Publish option in the Share screen was locked. Is this currently not available for testing or does it take a diff approach to enable and test it?


We have always had that circular option, if I recall right.

Regarding the app name bug, I’m not sure bugs that are not related to production features (as in the same feature in production does not have that bug) will be fixed.

It explains here how to upgrade so you can test the publish feature.


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May be beause i was working on it or seeing in the middle of the night with sleepy eyes and i got excited seeing it. Infact went back to my own main app and saw that i can see Circle option now.



Could you please try to reproduce that and make a video?

Sure will give it a try. But i have a feeling it might also be because the time between me editing the url, the QR code getting refreshed and me taking photo was too short.

But will keep you posted.