Changes not propagating to app

My app’s URL:


I’ve noticed that the ‘live’ version of the app seems to be a good few hours behind, in terms of versioning, than what I’m seeing in the editor. It was ‘up to date’ a few hours ago, but has reverted back in the live version to much earlier today.

Also, this is a published app (as per the link), but in the left-hand column, clicking on ‘share’ results in the prompt to publish app as per grab.

Looks like there are some gremlins about.
Screenshot of Safari (23-01-2020, 4-17-11 pm)

Can you make a video showing us the inconsistency? We can’t get much insight from just the screenshot of the publish button.

Here’s what I see in the editor. And then the ‘live’ app is reflecting what it looked about 6 hours ago in the editor.

Screenshot of Safari (23-01-2020, 5-18-15 pm)

That’s odd. I triggered publishing your app, so it’s up-to-date now. Did this happen just once, or is it a regular issue? Is anybody else seeing something like this?

Thanks. It had updated correctly earlier today, but when checking again some hours later, it had reverted back to a state as when I was working on it this AM.

You’re saying “it reverted”. Do you mean that you saw the live app being up to date but then it went back to an older version?

Yes. That’s it. Also, I still can’t access the sharing menu from the editor. Still comes up with just the publish button and not the links etc.

I think we have an idea of what’s going on.

When you hit “Publish app” again, does that still not fix the problem?

Also, did it ever say “There was an error publishing your app.” when you clicked “Publish app”?

I’ve just pressed ‘publish’ and the share menu has now returned.

I never had the “There was an error publishing your app,” message appear. I published it a while ago and the share menu has been there ever since with the lnks etc. It’s only today that clicking on the share menu led to the publish app menu appearing.

So, in summary, something went a bit wonky today.

Thank you for your help. We’ll fix this issue.

No worries. Thanks for investigating.