Issues with publishing changes to my app

Hi all,

Just experiencing some issues with my app and appreciate any advice!

Basically, what is happening is that sometimes when I make changes to my app and publish the live app will be updated with those changes, no dramas. Other times when I publish the live app will switch randomly between the 2 versions every few hours, or not even show the new version after a day or two, making it incredibly hard to keep our families informed (we are a not-for profit gymnastics club)

We are published to a custom domain if that helps!

Again, truly appreciate any advice you might have!


That’s weird. I assume you’re using publishing control and only publish changes when needed? Can you reliably reproduce that to submit a support ticket?

Thanks for your advice! I am using publishing controls and not auto publishing, and we aren’t able to submit a support ticket due to being on a not-profit plan. I think I have fixed the issue by deleting the page affected and re creating it, so far so good! :sunglasses:

Please let us know if you see the problem again. Thank you!

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