Autopublishing off - Deleted Cookies and Cache, but we still see new changes

Hi there, we have Business solution, we did not publish the app but the changes are still on the dashboard app even after deleting cache and cookies…

How to solve this? We want the live version of the site (currently is live in the way that we want it to be) so that we can keep testing edits.,

At the moment, even when we click “Discard Changes” nothing reverts back to the Live Version.

We made quite significant changes that messed up all the exisiting configurations its important for us to return to the live version of the site.


I have tried everything by now, different browser, clean cache, private browsing etc… it all opens with the new changes, but when I visit the official website as a user (not through Glide Dashboard - Layout View), it shows as intended – the correct version of the site.

Is there a button to clear Glide Layout Cache that has not been published yet? Our autopublishing is 100% off as the live version of the site has not changed.

Please if someone can assist with this as its crucial.

I’ve let the Glide team know.

I use manual publishing and also seem to face some issue… pur page is connected to a domain which sometimes just does not load… I feel like after I published it again, it works but I’m not sure… any ideas what could be the reason?

Thanks a lot – please note that we tried even today and the same issue persists - in fact, our clients even gave feedback that the favicon is our old logo – happy to confirm my account with you because this is a dummy email that I use.

*Duly note, we also use CloudFlare and we purged cache from there too - nothing changed :frowning: *

For some reason Google does not read the new favicon on google search or when shared on links, although the favicon works with the site is loaded.