Having a problem with discard changes

Hi there,
I always have auto-publish off in my apps (for safety) - because I never know if I’m going to stuff something up.
Anyway I have.
I’m trying to discard my changes and go back to yesterday (as in what is the current published app) but the changes are not discarding.
I have cleared my cache and cookies and that does nothing.
I really need to go back.
Any ideas, team?

I hardly ever use this feature, but my understanding is that it only applies to changes made in the layout. That is, changes made in the Data Editor will not be affected.

Are you saying that layout changes are not being discarded at all?

Yes thats correct. My old screen layouts won’t come back.
I was hoping for a reset back to what I had yesterday -but its all still as it was an hour ago…

Okay, sorry I can’t help then. I don’t have time to test this myself, but it might be a bug.
Do you have a Pro Plan or higher?
If yes, then you may need to submit a support request.

Yep I have submitted a support ticket. Its just that I think they are another 6 hours from waking up. Thank you for trying though!

Are you talking about the back and forward features in the Layout Editor? If that’s the case, you can only use these in the active session. Once you return to the dashboard and end your session, once you return to the app whether it be the same day or the next, back and forward will reset. I think this is how it’s always been and I just tested it, this is how it is now.

I guess it’s the same issue as this thread.

Yes exactly the same issue. The discard changes thing doesn’t work.
I ended up rebuilding a large chunk of what I wanted to back out of last night. It drove me near crazy…

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Thanks for supporting, to be clear I really like Glide but so far I have pointed out a certain things so it started feeling like I am sabotaging – not the case, we have a Business Level and we are happy to authenticate further for the team to reassure the genuinity of the case.

I have the same issue here. Changes in the editor mode completelly messed up my app and the “discard change” do not help at all (pages in the dashboard never came back to the published version). How can Glide NOT be able to recover what’s live ??? I am really close to giving up thousands of EUR spent on the dev because the tool is not smart at all.

Short version: Don’t trust the discard button. Anytime you make a big change you are unsure about, duplicate first.

There is no versioning or history in Glide, yet. Hopefully it will come.

So a few things to keep in mind:

  • In the Data Editor: Any changes are final, there is no discard button (back arrow).
  • In the Actions Editor: Any changes are final, there is no discard button (back arrow).
  • In the Layout Editor: Changes are not quite final. Bottom left of the viewer, there is a back arrow that allows you to cancel recent changes. I would not count on this working if you reload your browser screen, or if you exit the builder to the dashboard and then enter the builder again. It might work, I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t count on it. I use that back button on occasion to correct very recent changes.
  • If you are making changes you are uncertain about, make a backup: you can duplicate tables, actions, tabs, components and even the entire application before making any changes.
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