How can I get back to previous versions?

I made some terrible mistake: my most important feature in the app, got deleted :frowning:
Is there a way in glide that I can restore several days back?
For now I can only see discard changes…

Please help

For now I think I am going to contemplate on my live choices… :cry:

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If it is a PRO app, and If you did not PUBLISH after you deleted that feature, and if the "Auto Publish* feature on the SHARE screen is OFF

then you can go to the PUBLISH button (the arrow on the right of it), and you should see a “discard”.


I hope that helps.

Also, I often duplicate my apps (at least one duplicate per important feature or modification) so I can go back if I messed up. Then I will delete the oldest backups when they are no longer needed. That may not help this time, but for future reference.


That’s what I am affraid of. Yes, the discard work: but just menial changes. I need to go back to two days ago. Gosh!

This is a nightmare for me.
I need to work again from scratch: if it is a casual dev workflow, I can easily checkout from github branches.

I guess I need to start duplicating my project for each deployment…

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I hear you. I, too, have accidentally deleted portions of my app. Very complex custom actions that took hours to get right.

I do think Glide should provide a way, other than duplication.

But you say “I need to get back to several days ago”, do you know what changes you’ve made in the last few days you’d need to re-do? It’s tricky, and even sometimes as I delete a ‘backup’ from a month ago, I wonder if I’ll need it later for reference.

And since they know the date the app was created, perhaps they could show that on the app screen? I’d also love to see the last mod date and sort in last mod order…


Does anyone know what the max number of apps is that you can have on a team?

I know exactly what I need to do. But thinking that I actually can “check out” if it is a “github” repo… make redo-ing feel more tiresome

Sigh. Anway, let me check whether I can complete this in a matter of 1-2 hours. Been learning alot about glide in the past days, so redo-ing actually will be a good “workout” for me

Yes, I actually hope there is a menu somewhere where I can checkout from past commits…

BTW, I don’t think duplicating project is the proper approach in project management. What if you want to --let say-- “check out” old feature into current one? Among other things…

Glide really need to have a working publish history as the base for revisions…

No, I don’t think there’s an upper limit.

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Btw, this is solved: It’s a redo of existing work, but Glide make it so easy for me to do such work

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