Here's a sad story!

Deleted the wrong Glide Team and now the app I was working on for over a year went with it. Is there any way to get it back?

Thought as much. Thanks for the reply.

No problem, I’m sorry about the wasted effort! How complex was your APP? Often you are smarter “after the fact” and then build something. a smarter solution in a shorter time!?

Yeah it was a bit complex, I used it to track my vehicles expenses, like fuel and trips.

It had gameification built in with rewards when a user hit certain metrics. It also tracked driving behavior in terms of fuel economy and would let you know how economical you drove between refuels. It also linked into fuel rewards programs and would give the user an estimate of the Cashback rewards from the various providers.

It had a fuel cost calculator that would let you know how much you needed to spend to get a certain amount of fuel or how much you needed to pay if you needed a certain volume of fuel. It also had trip cost calculator that would even tell you to the minute when you would arrive at your destination. It also kept a record of the finance details of the vehicle if it was still owned by the bank. Monthly reports with charts, Expenses section for vehicle related expenses.

It even had an rating system for the fuel station so users coudl leave ratings.

It was actually commercially ready and had features that would unlock when you purchaded the paid version, all auomated in fact.

It’s shame, but i will move on. Im actually not to stressed about it as I do have starting point and will work on v2 over the next few months. Now that I type this I see a development roadmap.

Funny thing is I was going to add it as a template to the template store today to share it with the world. :man_facepalming:

Ah, that’s beyond annoying!! In any case, this won’t happen to you again^^.

Something similar happened to me once when I deleted the development of one of my apps in place of the existing app.

Luckily it wasn’t too complex, but it will never happen to me again :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the support

No problem!

It’s a shame I couldn’t really help!

It’s a “take and give” thing here :slight_smile:

Sorry that happened to you. For this and my other reasons is why Glide NEED to create a backup or versioning system. Even if they have to charge a premium for it because it will be worth it.

Thanks for the support. Much appreciated.

UPDATE: I am making progress in rebuilding the app, much thanks to my eidetic memory. :grinning: I have most of the core functions working again and have cleaned up some of the now unecessary extra columns and are using more of Glides built-in functionality. What is helping tremendously is that I happened to take screenshots of all the app screens and make a video of the entire app just a week before for some youtube tutorials. :+1:


That’s great. So, going forward, how do you plan on backing up your app and data?

I have duplicated the app and have transferred it to a different team folder. The second option is creating a template of the backup and then submitting to the Template Store.

I also plan on creating an automation to export the data to google sheets or Airtable.

Just curious, why are you submitting it to the template store? Wouldn’t anyone have access to it?