Thanks Glide Team for this update — confirm delete apps and folders!

I always duplicate apps and store them on a different team after I create the app and leaving so that If I delete the actual app by mistake then the duplicate is there.

But one day when I go to duplicate one of my app new app I accidentally clicked the delete option and the app was deleted forever and I was like :cold_face:

Luckily I didn’t built many features there just the Users part :shushing_face:

Then I started building the app again!

But now Glide released a new feature that once we click on the Delete option a confirmation popped up to confirm if you need to delete which is very useful and will not loose any apps by accident! :nerd_face:


Thanks a lot Glide Team for this!

Cheers for Glide :clinking_glasses:


Nice, right? @Darren_Murphy and I were commenting on this earlier—it’s going to mitigate many issues moving forward.



Little things like this make a big difference. I suspect that George & Santiago will be happy about this one too, as they should get less support tickets :joy:


Indeed! It’s great to have the redundancy in place! Glad you didn’t have to do too much added work @Dilon_Perera to recover the deleted application!

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