If I Delete Duplicate App, Will It Delete Shared Google Sheet?

So, I duplicated an app I’ve created in Glide so that I’ll have one for users and one for admins. I just realized though that if I make changes in the user app within Glide editor, those changes are not synced with the admin app. So, I’m trying to rethink how I should do this, but for now, I’d like to delete the admin app.

So, here’s my question…if I delete the admin app that shares the same spreadsheet as the user app, will it also delete the spreadsheet that I’m sharing with the user app I duplicated? I just wanted to be sure in case it somehow will delete my Google Sheet.

Thanks for your help!

You can always create a couple test apps and try it. :wink: I tried it myself. Sheets are not deleted with the app.

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Thanks, Jeff. Appreciate it. Just deleted it, and the Sheet is still there.