Can I save versions of my app, or back my app up somehow?

I’m sure there’s direction for this but cannot locate. I need to be able to back-up my Glide Pro Apps (not the google sheet… the app :wink: Especially to be able to track upgrade changes/impacts. Thanks!


Welcome, @imorris!

What do you want to do with the backups? Is this more like a way to track experimental versions of your app?

Hi David - It’s like a “safety net” for the non techies here (me;) . When there’s an upgrade, it could quickly help identify if there was any impact on my pro app before and after upgrade, understand my options easier, and stop bugging your team as frequently :smiley:. I’ve always had the ability to backup anything that could impact progress for my clients as a safeguard and think it’s critical to offer this option, saving the app as a version. I waste far too much time trying to find issue solutions in multiple areas and know this particular option could help me. (… and definitely track experimental versions for my pro apps)

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Sounds great — we plan to offer a way for you to save versions of your app as you work on it, and quickly switch between versions.

Would you also want us to snapshot your sheet, so that restoring a saved version of your app also restores the sheet to that point in time?

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Excellent idea as long as we can define “proprietary info”. I’m sure many of us would want if not available, a mutual confidentiality “proprietary” agreement. Is it listed in your new T&C’s? Haven’t had a chance to review in it’s entirety. What’s the best method to protect Glide, your clients and our clients? Thanks for your help as always David!

@david For now., would this process work?

  1. Create an app.
  2. Name it
  3. Clone the app and name it
  4. Add, change and test new features to
  5. All done and happy with
  6. Rename the original to
  7. Rename the dev app

How would the new app be refreshed on the already installed instances. Would it have to be deleted or would it “refresh” with the new version when relaunched?


Hi George… NW Jersey here and can’t message you directly as I’m New User :wink: Semi-retired global turnaround consultant and looking for IT help with pro-apps so I can focus on marketing and not implementation (not sure if this is allowed but I’m sure David will let me know if it’s not :wink:

Yes! We call that the ol’ app switcheroo and it should work.

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