End to End Backups

Any timeline for being able to have an end to end backup solution for Glide? My main glide app is getting so large now that if anything were to happen to the configuration that I’ve built on the platform it would take me days to get back up and running and maybe not even exactly the same as it’s been refined so much over time.

A backup solution would be a killer feature that would give users peace of mind. Currently just backing up my sheet and assets as that’s all I can do.


Yes, I think that it is a key requirements for anyone looking to launch a no-code business, and choosing the target solution (here, Glide!).
The very strong hesitation to choose is "what would happen to our configuration + data if (1) the platform has a technical issue? (2) the startup does not succeed?.

In the time being, I would periodically duplicate the app so you at least have a copy to refer to or switch to if something ever happens to your main app.

Understood. I also backup my drive folder with all assets locally outside of drive

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For each of my apps, I have three versions:

  • Name - PRODUCTION (the live version)
  • Name - STAGING (where I test before replicating in production)
  • NAME - BACKUP (the latest copy of production)

All three have separate spreadsheets. Same app icon and accent color so I can quickly locate them in the dashboard.


When I first do this, the three versions are next to one another in the dashboard. Quickly though they get separated.

Folders in the dashboard will be a nice feature.


If you make backup copies of the app do you get changed $29/mo for each of those apps if you’re a paying Organization customer?

Great suggestion. I do something similar. I’m assuming “Name - Production” is the name of your sheet not app, correct? Have you ever run into issues renaming a sheet of a live app or do you just avoid?

I name the spreadsheet and associated app exactly the same.

I only have one case where I have a public-facing app and admin app associated to the same sheet. Here I added “Admin” after the name.

As for renaming, I’ve never had any issues renaming apps nor the associated sheets.

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Presumably you have some PRO apps. How do you work around 3x PRO (production, staging, backup) or at least 2x so you can work on the staging copy?

I only have one Pro app and I haven’t reached 500 rows yet, so for now I haven’t had any issues with my various versions.

But the 500-row limit will be reached at one point. I will cross that bridge when I get there :slight_smile: