Cant find Version History in Settings

Hi there! We built our first GlideApp and can’t find the Version History feature, which I thought was in Settings. Does anyone know how to find your Version History? Is it possible to restore previous versions of your app?

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There is no such feature? Where did you read that there was?

At most, you can switch to manually publishing and choose to publish or discard changes, but that it.

Any other versioning would require your to periodically create duplicates of your app.

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Unfortunately the Glide Chatbot is declaring such things to be true. I asked it the same question yesterday, was told the same thing, then figured I’d check on here. Took me about 15-20 mins to confirm the answer. Bit of a shame that the chatbot leads people down the garden path.


Yes, it was definitely pre-released. Probably should have been released to the ‘regulars’ community during development.

Should have had it read the forum posts instead of what must be years old documentation sat in a dusty corner of a server somewhere! It would be a genius if it had (and also might have gone slightly loopy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

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Where did you ask Chloe (Glide’s chatbot) a question? Chloe was live in the community forum and was disabled about 7-10 days ago.

As far as I can recall, there has never been a versioning feature in Glide. Though it would be most welcome.

Two things you can do:

  • Check out ncScale and see if they now integrate with Glide. Last I checked in December it wasn’t the case.

  • As Jeff suggested, in the dashboard, you can duplicate a project. This will allow you to manually create versions of a project. At the very minimum, it can be a good idea to create a backup of the latest version of your project.

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Chloe is still available in the docs and maybe other places on Glide’s website.

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I had forgotten Chloe was powering the chat feature in the documentation.

Look at this:

I have no idea what the “History tab” might be or might have been. Maybe it was a thing before I started Glide in April 2020.

I like your answer and mine better. Kasparov hasn’t lost, yet :sweat_smile:


Yeah, just more made up answers… sometimes it’s good, but I don’t take any answers for fact without verifying first.

Same here. The worst is when the answer is only partially correct, or almost correct but a little detail is incorrect.

Also, the answers always sound spot on. The “History tab” seems to be pure fantasy to me, I wonder where it got that from. Perhaps Chloe is announcing an upcoming release!

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Well, I just click the little black icon in the IDE, and then click ’support’. Up she pops!

Get a load of the 3rd screen shot - that’s pretty much the question I asked her originally, and word-for-word that was, and still is, her answer.

Which… is not the same as she told you :laughing:

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 00.03.24|690x311

The Version Control feature?! If version control and the history tab are upcoming features, thanks Chloe for letting us in on your little secret ; )

Jon, version control and the history tab don’t yet exist in Glide. For now, your best bets are ncScale or duplicating projects in the dashboard.

Oh, I know. I had the ‘bot figured out pretty darned quickly when it was referring to things in a document that actually weren’t there or were the opposie of what the documentation said. And considering how little documentation there really is (hence the questions to the ‘bot), that was pretty impressive.

If I need to ask it a question then I just come over to the community and then search out the answers to confirm/deny. The version control stuff was… I think a year or two ago (that’s what the search function eventually led me to anyway), and then I just worked it back from there.

At least now I know strategy behind the Pro Tier - It’s all about version control - that’s why you need those unlimited app ‘limits’ :wink:

I could be mistaken, but I don’t think that’s the strategy there.

Free and Starter plans are good to get started. The Pro plan, importantly, allows the team to have an unlimited amount of published projects. You don’t need the versions or backups or duplicates to be published.

I should have added /s :wink:

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I’d never heard of ncScale - Signed up last night - thanks for the heads up!

There really should be some sticky post somewhere, or wiki or something, of all the great ‘add ons’ that Glide users shoudl know about to round out their offering, or fill in the gaps. Unless it does exist somewhere and I’ve just missed it of course!

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