Not all categories are shown

My app’s URL:

I have a free version application, and I loaded 15,000 products to see how it works so that in the future I can go to Pro.
Of course I get the maximum capacity message.

The problem is the following, I have 12 categories, on the PC with my email (creator) it shows me 12, but if I enter with another account or from the cell phone it shows me only 10 categories.
View with my email on the PC:

View with my email on the cell phone or with another email from the PC:

If you enter you should see only those 10

The Glide builder is most likely going to show all of the data when you are developing the app, but is obliviously going to exclude some data when you are viewing the app outside of the editor. Are you saying that the builder is showing something different when you preview as a different user? Or are you saying that when you sign into the published app on a computer or phone, your email gives different results compared to a different email? I don’t know how Glide determines what shows or not and if it’s random or not, but would this really be a bug? You’re obliviously exceeding the limits of the free account. I’m not sure I understand what the problem is.

Hi Jeff, thanks for answering.
The error is that when I enter from a cell phone (either with the same creator email) or enter from another email, it shows me fewer categories. If you enter with your email you will see only 10 categories, however there are 12.
I understand that I am exempt, I am only testing, but I need to make sure that it will work in the future paying for the pro version.
It still has mistakes. A form doesn’t work for me either.
If you enter all the categories, see all the products and the form doesn’t work either. However it is created.
Maybe the error is because I am getting to different views through buttons.
If it can be, I pass a copy to you in private.

You have 14,500 more rows then than what the free account allows. Not everything is going to show in the app. Data will be excluded. It just so happens that a couple categories fall into that excluded data. If you want to test all of your categories, then only put in a few items in each category instead on hundreds of items.

What do you mean when you say the form is not working?

Ok it will be for the excess of data then.
If you look at the screenshot I sent, when you click on the image, it opens a form. Is not working. If you enter all categories and try to add a product. I will review it again today.

That is, if you look at the action there it says that it opens a form, however it does not happen. I already configured it 2 times, last night I configured it last time and now it doesn’t work. Sure if I do it again it will work, but then no.
Anyway today I’m going to reconfigure and review it.

I opened your app and clicked on a couple of random items. The form opened fine for me.

Yesterday I left only 100 products, that’s why it works now. That was apparently the problem.


Again I have problems and I have little data.
Again the form does not work.
If you enter Categories-All categories, these products have the action of opening a form, it does not work again. I mean, I set it up, it works one day and then it stops working.

You still haven’t explained what your mean when you say it doesn’t work.

Jeff, thanks for answering.
Look, from 3 places you can order products.

  1. On the main screen for offers
  2. If you enter VIEW CATEGORIES and choose any category
    Those 2 work.
  3. If you enter VIEW CATEGORIES-ALL CATEGORIES it is there where it is not working. There would be all the products.

The error is explained here